A Simple trick to end insomnia

Waking up4:00AM and wide awake. Husband snoring. Bird chirping madly outside my bedroom window. My mind races, obsessing over my to do list. Getting more restless by the minute.

Tossing and turning but failing to find a comfortable position. The clock starting at me as precious minutes fly by, lost forever.

Pushing the covers off. Pulling them back up. Get up, drink some water, and then back to bed to start all over again. Nope. Sleep is not happening.

This probably sounds familiar to quite a few of you. But what if you could magically get back to sleep.

 My trick:

  1. Direct your attention to your natural breath
  2. Hold right thumb in left hand wrapping fingers and thumb around it. Stay for a few minutes
  3. Hold right pinky finger in lightly in left hand for a few minutes
  4. Keep switching back and forth No exact timing is necessary, switch when it feels right

Next thing I know I wake up to my alarm buzzing. I’m still holding my right pinky finger.

This simple exercise is from a Japanese healing modality called Jin Shin Jyutsu. By simply placing your hands on specific parts of the body, you can change your body energy fairly quickly.

Next time you find yourself wrestling with unwanted wakefulness, try this simple technique. Note: for some people it may take a few tries before it works. So don’t give up if it doesn’t help the first time.

Stay tuned for more tips for better sleep. If lack of sleep has been affecting your performance lately, contact me for a free consult. I can help return you to restful sleeping.

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Chocolate Beer and Posture

What do they have in common?

This August I was invited to attend a seminar on Posture for the Performing Voice in Namur, Belgium. To my delight I found lots of beer and chocolate. Also, can’t forget the waffles.

I had the honor of test running a brand new software program named Euterpe, commissioned by Joseph Quoidbach, a physical therapist and professor at the Namur Conservatory of Music. Developed by students at the University of Liege, Belgium, Euterpe measures how posture changes the harmonics of the voice.

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Pocket Size Yoga Teachers!

Wish you could take your yoga teacher on your summer vacation? You probably can’t but, if you have a laptop or a smartphone and internet access you can take many other teachers with you. And for a very minimal cost.

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Boobs! Got Your Attention…Ok Breasts

Most of us have them, (men included). But how much do you know about them? Apparently they’re like sponges. Here’s a really interesting interview by Terri Gross from NPR’s broadcast of Fresh Air, with writer and science journalist, Florence Williams. They discuss Williams’ new book, Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History  

Click Here For Link To Interview

Just What’s Inside Those Breasts?

When writer Florence Williams was nursing her second child, she read a research study about toxins found in human breast milk. She decided to test her own breast milk and shipped a sample to a lab in Germany.

What came back surprised her.

Trace amounts of pesticides, dioxin and a jet fuel ingredient — as well as high to average levels of flame retardants — were all found in her breast milk. How could something like this happen?

“It turns out that our breasts are almost like sponges, the way they can soak up some of these chemicals, especially the ones that are fat-loving — the ones [that] tend to accumulate in fat tissue,” Williams tells Fresh Air‘s Terry Gross. “Unfortunately, the breast is also masterful at converting these molecules into food in the way of breast milk.”

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Tight Clothes In Tight Spaces

Just wanted to share the video from the last piece I costumed for Gretchen Garnett and Dancers. Activities For Tight Spaces premiered at The Garage last March 2012. I think this is Gretchen’s best work to date and mine as well.

It doesn’t hurt to have talented and beautiful dancers to work with. Thank you Leah Curran, Jackie Goneconti and LizAnn Roman for playing dress up with me! And to Gretchen for letting me run with it.

(The video starts out a bit dark, so give it minute.)

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Stuffy Nose? Sneezing? Watery Eyes?…Again?

For an interesting perspective on the cause of allergies, that you probably won’t get from your regular doctor, check out this Yoga Journal article.

For more allergy support read my post The Nose Knows.

If your allergies are making you miserable, Ayurvedic remedies may help.

By Niika Quistgard

You’d love to stop and smell the roses, but every time you do, your allergies kick in, reducing you to a sneezing, sniffling, congested mess. And every spring, your pile of used tissues grows faster than the daffodils out your window. If this sounds familiar, maybe it’s time to tackle your allergies using an Ayurvedic approach.

Ayurvedic theory maintains that although allergens such as pollen, dust, and dander trigger symptoms in susceptible people, they are not the primary cause of allergies. Instead, it’s the accumulation of ama (Sanskrit for “that which harms  or weakens”) that’s the main problem.

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Do It Anyway!

Please forgive any spelling mistakes and typos, as I’m posting this without editing. Probably one of the scariest things I could “do to myself”.

I was talking about writing anxiety with my marketing coach and she told me i was worrying too much about all aspects of writing a weekly blog. Worrying so much that I haven’t committed ANYTHING to paper recently. Even thoughts that nobody will see.

Erin Brennan, my coach, pointed out that this is what I work through with my clients but in a different field. How many singers are afraid to sing a note, even while alone, if they are having a difficult day. Even practicing daily exercises becomes difficult when we worry about being perfect.

Well, I would never advise any of my clients to stop performing when they think it won’t be a perfect show, so…I have to practice what I preach. I am proving to myself that the sky won’t fall, the earth won’t break apart and swallow me up and I won’t die if I happen to post some mediocre writing.

Hopefully I was able to make my point even if this isn’t brilliant. I did get some writing practice in for the day…and I haven’t been struck by lightning because of it. And…I do feel better. So open your mouth and let out a few notes, even when you think you can’t. Do it anyway.

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