The Nose Knows…..Neti Should Be Your New Best Friend

“I am so stuffy and my eyes are running like faucets, but my allergy tests came back negative!”

Even if you’re not having an allergic response, unseen floating particles can still irritate your body mirroring allergy-like symptoms.

The complaining usually starts as Spring hits us with a barrage of air born particles, pollen, spores and other annoying little buggers. 

How dry I am

As the weather becomes dries up, so does our skin and the delicate mucous membranes lining the nasal passages and sinuses. Dry skin is more sensitive to irritants and can become enflamed more easily, causing itchiness and excess mucous. Because drying out is a natural part of the aging process, you may become more sensitive to irritants that never used to be a problem.

Other culprits that can sneak up your nose

      • Dust and mold
      • Chemical fumes
      • Industrial pollutants 
      • Food items, depending on your constitution

Help is on the way!
Enter…Neti the Super Pot

A neti pot with a simple salt solution can help clear aggravators and excess mucous from the nasal passages.  They are easy to use, taking only a few minutes a day, but can have an enormous impact on your health. 

The Pot’s Special Powers

  • Clean out the yuck   You can easily remove excess mucous and annoying pollen, dust, smoke and other airborne contaminants.
  • Get some relief  Rehydrate delicate mucous membranes that are dried out itchy from weather and air travel. You can also prevent headaches due to sinus pressure and irritation.
  • Added benefits  your energy level and sleep quality by improving breath flow. Clearing you head can also enhance memory and intuition

Be sure to follow the instructions that come with your neti pot.  You may need to experiment with the amount of salt.  While, it may seem counter-intuitive, sometimes not using enough salt will cause irritations.

This Himalayan Institute video demonstrates using the neti pot in an easy-to-follow fashion.  Please ignore the alien-spa like quality in this clip, as its hard to find a clear and clean video.

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