Need A Shower?

You might need a shower…..but not for the reason you might think.

How many times have you left the shower with a great idea or the solution to a nagging problem?  Or simply said, “I feel so much better!”

 Coincidence? …..I think not.  Showering is often one of the few opportunities we give ourselves daily to make a mind-body connection.

We have a few moments to experience our thoughts and feelings, free from outside distraction.

By entering a small contained space (usually) alone, we leave behind a multitude of stimuli that bombard us throughout the day.  At least I don’t own a waterproof laptop, TV or phone.

The simple act of soaping up, and attending to our body, invigorates us when we are feeling sluggish. It can also SLOW DOWN our breathing and racing thoughts, helping us to relax when it’s most needed.

 So where am I going with this?

While showering, there is space to cultivate awareness.

You can allow great ideas and creativity to bubble up to the surface.  And what if you attempted to tap into this awareness outside of the shower with a simple meditation?I’m not saying you have to run off to a Buddhist monastery.  JUST TAKE 5 MINUTES here or there to reconnect with yourself.

 Use a few simple steps:

  1. Turn off your computer. Close your eyes. Yes, when your boss isn’t looking.
  2. Notice how your body feels. Concentrate your awareness on your physical state starting with your feet and work up to your head.
  3. Are you breathing? Take a moment to observe how your breath feels moving through your nose and in and out of your lungs.  Is it deep, shallow, slow, fast?
  4. It’s all ok.  There’s no need to worry about why your neck hurts or that your breath is short.  Just notice that they are.

 You’ve heard the expression, “room to think”? By blocking out outside stimuli, we create space (even briefly) to make this room for ourselves.

Now getting back to the shower…..

A few more tips to maximize shower time and tap into your creative flow:

  •  Scrub your body. Use a brush or loofah. This gets your circulation going, moves your lymph and breaks down stagnation.
  • Try a salt scrub. Use it once or twice a week for a deep-cleansing treatment.
  • Use a neti pot. You can bring it in the shower, to clear your sinuses and your mind.

If shower time is your only opportunity to practice mindfulness and recharge, that’s ok. Practice a little bit everyday and before you know it, your awareness will grow outside of the bathroom.

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