How much water is enough?

You know you should drink water every day, but how much is enough? An easy starting point is to divide you weight in pounds by half and convert that to ounces of water.

142lbs ÷ 2 = 71oz of water

That might seem like a lot but…

      • Divide it into 8oz cups and it will seem more manageable.
      • Remember that your average glass or mug holds way more than 8oz.
      • Pick a favorite glass or water bottle and figure out how many you should drink by the end of the day.
      •  sip water continuously throughout the day instead of chugging a whole bunch at one time.  

If this amount still seems overwhelming start with an amount that feels more manageable and work your way up every week. Soon it will become second nature.


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One Response to How much water is enough?

  1. Robert says:

    The first thing to look with hydration is urine color, dark yellow urine means the kidneys are working very hard to concentrate the wastes while light yellow or clear means the kidneys have adequate water for their work. Very high nutrient content foods and multi-vitamins will also turn the urine dark and you should make sure to have enough hydration to allow the kidneys to function properly at these times. Formulas only work if we are all drones but we all perspire at different rates, live in a wide range of humidities, have different levels of physical exertion and have varied diets all affecting water needs. You should firstly listen to your own body.

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