Eat your H20

Drinking water is essential but you can also boost your H20 intake with food. The following list from Shape Magazine shows about how much water is in some of the things we eat.

A quick note. I don’t recommend eating Jello and drinking cranberry juice cocktail on a regular basis. Also, coffee and anything fast food are not great sources of nutrients.

Hydrating With Food

Find out how much water is in some of your favorite foods.

1 cucumber–10 oz
1 fast food cob salad with mixed greens–9 oz
1 cup coffee–8 oz
1 cup cranberry juice cocktail–7.5 oz
1 cup tomato sauce–7.5 oz
1 cup applesauce, unsweetened–7 oz
1 cup chicken noodle soup–7 oz
1 cup orange juice–7 oz
1 cup cottage cheese–6.5 oz
1 cup sliced zucchini–6 oz
1 cup diced cantaloupe–5 oz
1 cup diced watermelon–5 oz
1 cup green peppers–5 oz
1 pear, medium–5 oz
1 cup diced pineapple–5 oz
15 baby carrots–4.5 oz
1 cup sliced mango–4.5 oz
1 apple, medium–4 oz
1/2 grapefruit–4 oz
1 container yogurt–4 oz
1 cup seedless grapes–4 oz
1 navel orange, medium–4 oz
1 cup blueberries–4 oz
1 cup sliced strawberries–4 oz
1 cup green beans, cooked–4 oz
1 cup gelatin dessert (JELLO)–4 oz
1 baked potato, medium–4 oz
1 tomato, medium–4 oz
1 cup raspberries–3.5 oz
1 peach, medium–3 oz
1 cup chopped broccoli, raw–3 oz
1 baked sweet potato, medium–3 oz
1 frozen juice bar–2.5 oz
1 kiwi, medium–2 oz
3 1/2 oz roasted chicken breast–2 oz
3 1/2 oz cooked salmon–2 oz
1 celery stalk, medium–1.5 o
1 cup Romaine lettuce, shredded–1.5 oz
1 cup spinach, raw–1 oz

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