Do It Anyway!

Please forgive any spelling mistakes and typos, as I’m posting this without editing. Probably one of the scariest things I could “do to myself”.

I was talking about writing anxiety with my marketing coach and she told me i was worrying too much about all aspects of writing a weekly blog. Worrying so much that I haven’t committed ANYTHING to paper recently. Even thoughts that nobody will see.

Erin Brennan, my coach, pointed out that this is what I work through with my clients but in a different field. How many singers are afraid to sing a note, even while alone, if they are having a difficult day. Even practicing daily exercises becomes difficult when we worry about being perfect.

Well, I would never advise any of my clients to stop performing when they think it won’t be a perfect show, so…I have to practice what I preach. I am proving to myself that the sky won’t fall, the earth won’t break apart and swallow me up and I won’t die if I happen to post some mediocre writing.

Hopefully I was able to make my point even if this isn’t brilliant. I did get some writing practice in for the day…and I haven’t been struck by lightning because of it. And…I do feel better. So open your mouth and let out a few notes, even when you think you can’t. Do it anyway.

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