About Me

As a classically trained singer, I did not originally set out to be a hollistic performance coach.

A native San Franciscan, I was well on my way to a career as a soprano, pursuing my Masters in Opera Performance, at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. In the midst of this journey, I discovered yoga for the very first time using a borrowed DVD. It helped me not only ground my body and mind, but yoga also freed the flow of my breath and voice.

Soon I was practicing all the time, incorporating aspects of yoga into every facet of my daily life. More relaxed and aware, I realized that while I loved singing, it was not what I wanted to do with my life. That epiphany combined with a desire to share what I had learned about yoga led me to become a certified yoga instructor.

During my training, I met a renowned ayruvedic practitioner. I was immediately intruigued with a health care approach that connected a person’s physical state to their emotional and mental state. Recognizing the benefits of combining ayurveda and yoga, lead me to complete my ayurveda practitioner certification.

Still very passionate about music and performance, my specialty is unlocking the human voice through movement, nutrition and awareness. My practice is for all people who need to be heard.