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A Simple trick to end insomnia

4:00AM and wide awake. Husband snoring. Bird chirping madly outside my bedroom window. My mind races, obsessing over my to do list. Getting more restless by the minute. Tossing and turning but failing to find a comfortable position. The clock … Continue reading

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Chocolate Beer and Posture

What do they have in common? This August I was invited to attend a seminar on Posture for the Performing Voice in Namur, Belgium. To my delight I found lots of beer and chocolate. Also, can’t forget the waffles. I … Continue reading

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Pocket Size Yoga Teachers!

Wish you could take your yoga teacher on your summer vacation? You probably can’t but, if you have a laptop or a smartphone and internet access you can take many other teachers with you. And for a very minimal cost.

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Boobs! Got Your Attention…Ok Breasts

Most of us have them, (men included). But how much do you know about them? Apparently they’re like sponges. Here’s a really interesting interview by Terri Gross from NPR’s broadcast of Fresh Air, with writer and science journalist, Florence Williams. … Continue reading

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Tight Clothes In Tight Spaces

Just wanted to share the video from the last piece I costumed for Gretchen Garnett and Dancers. Activities For Tight Spaces premiered at The Garage last March 2012. I think this is Gretchen’s best work to date and mine as well. It doesn’t hurt … Continue reading

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Stuffy Nose? Sneezing? Watery Eyes?…Again?

For an interesting perspective on the cause of allergies, that you probably won’t get from your regular doctor, check out this Yoga Journal article. For more allergy support read my post The Nose Knows. If your allergies are making you … Continue reading

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Do It Anyway!

Please forgive any spelling mistakes and typos, as I’m posting this without editing. Probably one of the scariest things I could “do to myself”. I was talking about writing anxiety with my marketing coach and she told me i was worrying … Continue reading

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