Always Hungry? Food For Thought

Until recently I ate whenever I was hungry and just enough to satisfy my appetite. I guess you could call me a grazer. I was even making healthy food choices suited to my constitution. Problem with my approach?

  • I was hungry all the time.
  • I would become light-headed and cranky if I didn’t get food right away.
  • I experienced a lot of anxiety around making sure I always had food with me.
  • I experienced a lot of general anxiety and then lethargy by the afternoon. Continue reading
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Super Fuel In A Tiny Seed

I was tickled when my husband sent me this article from The Wall Street Journal. Chia seeds are fantastic for hydration and fuel. Even for “tough guys”.

The NFL’s Top-Secret Seed

Baltimore Running Back Ray Rice Puts His Faith in Chia Seeds, a Training Tool of the Ancient Aztecs


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Wish You Were Here?..You Can Be Here

I am so excited to announce the details of my collaboration with dancer and choreographer extraordinaire, Gretchen Garnett and her contemporary dance company. I have had the pleasure of costuming three talented dancers, Leah Curran, LizAnn Roman and Jackie Goneconti and am beside myself with anticipation for opening night.

Wish You Were Here

new dance works for everyone near and far, past, present and future

Friday and Saturday March 9-10 and March 16-17 at 8pm 

Gretchen Garnett and Dancers present along side two other talented companies  Aura Fischbeck Dance and The Riley Project. There will be four evening performances at The Garage in San Francisco. The theater is cozy so buy your tickets in advance online. Info below. Hope to see you there!

At The Garage, SF at 975 Howard Street (between 5th and 6th St)

Tickets $10-20 and reservations at or

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More Beautiful Dancers

Here”s another video of a contemporary dance piece I styled for Gretchen Garnett and Dancers entitled “Intermediate Levels Of Disturbance”. This is from a couple of years ago at the San Francisco International Arts Festival and I still love it.

Looking forward to the next show this March at The Garage in SF. Details to come.

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Balanced…What Does That Mean?

Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life, by world renown  doctor of Oriental Medicine and  practitioner of Ayurvedic Medicine, Dr Claudia Welch, has changed my life. Welch demystifies so much about the hormonal system from an Eastern and Western perspective and I now have so many more tools to take care of my mind, body and spirit.

This easy to follow book is a must read for everyone, of all ages, especially women. 

Take a look at this short interview with Dr.Claudia Welch speaking about her book.  


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Dreamy Dancers

I’m home from Germany, over the jet lag and back in the swing things. I’ve started another styling project with Gretchen Garnett and Dancers so I decided to take a peek at our last collaboration. I love it so much I wanted to share it with you.

This beautiful piece by Gretchen Garnett called “Six Years Dreaming” with original music by Brendan Berry and styled by yours truly, debuted last April at Counter Pulse Theater in San Francisco.

Stay tuned for info on the upcoming March 2012 show at The Garage in SF.    

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Happy New Year From Nuremberg!

Alles Gute zum neuen Jahr!!!

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