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A Simple trick to end insomnia

4:00AM and wide awake. Husband snoring. Bird chirping madly outside my bedroom window. My mind races, obsessing over my to do list. Getting more restless by the minute. Tossing and turning but failing to find a comfortable position. The clock … Continue reading

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Pocket Size Yoga Teachers!

Wish you could take your yoga teacher on your summer vacation? You probably can’t but, if you have a laptop or a smartphone and internet access you can take many other teachers with you. And for a very minimal cost.

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Tight Clothes In Tight Spaces

Just wanted to share the video from the last piece I costumed for Gretchen Garnett and Dancers. Activities For Tight Spaces premiered at The Garage last March 2012. I think this is Gretchen’s best work to date and mine as well. It doesn’t hurt … Continue reading

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Always Hungry? Food For Thought

Until recently I ate whenever I was hungry and just enough to satisfy my appetite. I guess you could call me a grazer. I was even making healthy food choices suited to my constitution. Problem with my approach? I was hungry all … Continue reading

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Super Fuel In A Tiny Seed

I was tickled when my husband sent me this article from The Wall Street Journal. Chia seeds are fantastic for hydration and fuel. Even for “tough guys”. The NFL’s Top-Secret Seed Baltimore Running Back Ray Rice Puts His Faith in … Continue reading

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More Beautiful Dancers

Here”s another video of a contemporary dance piece I styled for Gretchen Garnett and Dancers entitled “Intermediate Levels Of Disturbance”. This is from a couple of years ago at the San Francisco International Arts Festival and I still love it. Looking forward to the … Continue reading

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Balanced…What Does That Mean?

Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life, by world renown  doctor of Oriental Medicine and  practitioner of Ayurvedic Medicine, Dr Claudia Welch, has changed my life. Welch demystifies so much about the hormonal system from an Eastern and Western perspective and I now have so many more tools to … Continue reading

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