Hydrate For Happier Holidays

Glide through the  Holiday Season with more ease and enjoyment…Just add water!

Life can be hectic enough, so to avoid added fatigue, stress and the eventual burnout that often accompanies Fall and Winter festivities, stay well hydrated.

If you concentrate on this one simple step amidst the chaos, you will feel better and you won’t need to sleep through January to recover. 

7 Reasons to hydrate

1. Avoid loosing steam. Running from a long day of work, to the stores for shopping and to evening parties makes for some really long days. Sip water throughout the day so you don’t end up dragging your feet.

2. Sleep better at night. With extra long days and the added stress of holiday madness, sleep becomes even more precious. Avoid waking up in the middle of the night by drinking your H20 during the day.

3. Get through the workday without crashing by 2pm. With colder weather comes heated offices and homes. Warm dry conditions can dehydrate your body very quickly, depleting you of much-needed energy. Instead of drinking caffeinated beverages which also dehydrate the body, drink water to stay awake. 

4. Recover from parties and late nights more easily. It’s easy to get carried away on fun nights with friends and family. A few cocktails can go down the hatch pretty easily. Drink a glass of water with a twist in between each cocktail to replenish. You will sleep better at night and feel much better the next morning 

5. Look pretty for parties. Puffy eyes and dull skin are not the best match for the dress that was so hard to find. Give yourself a pretty palette on which to apply the perfect lipstick. For brighter skin, sip water throughout the day, even when you don’t feel thirsty.

6. Don’t let holiday food and crazy eating habits stop you up. Irregular schedules and your favorite holiday cookies can throw your body out of whack. Aid your digestion by flushing out the junk and keeping your digestive track lubricated with, I think you got it by now….. Water! Water! Water! 

7. Avoid overwhelm, anxiety and irritation. Don’t let loosing that parking space at the mall get you worked up and ruin your day. When our bodies dry out from stress, overexertion and the elements our fight- flight mechanism is more easily triggered. Staying hydrated will help sooth nerves and keep a cool head.

Drinking more water won’t prevent your Aunt Sally from making inappropriate comments at Christmas dinner or clear your long to do list, but staying well hydrated will  make everything  a lot easier to manage.

P.S. If you get a head start before the season is in full swing, even better!

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One Response to Hydrate For Happier Holidays

  1. Robert says:

    What about Glycerine Induced Hyper-Hydration!

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